Keep joining us today for updates from behind the scenes here in Fuerteventura.

Currently most of the competitors are using sail sizes of 7.0 to 8.6 and the caddies are heading out with 6.3's so the wind is rapidly building here.


We've been wandering the beach and catching up with some of the guys, first up Taty Frans who got off to a slow start but now seems to have found his form.

"I think now it's more windy which is more my conditions, the first day was a bit light and gusty so a bit more lucky, that doesn't really suit me. When I'm here in Fierte I actually like it when it's firing even though I'm a bit lighter than some of the others. After coming 5th in the last round I'm fully back in the zone. I feel like my speed is back, I felt so quick out there in this round and ready for the final." - Frans

Taty was using his 6.6 TRX on his 87l Starboard.


We spoke with John Skye who's competing for his first time in PWA Slalom.

"Yeah I was on my 7.0 and 90l. It's really different to waves in the way you compete, when I'm in the waves I really focus on my heat and sail my own heat, in the slalom you actually sail much more aggressive, fighting for your place and aiming to keep people behind you. It's pretty exciting and quite different really" - Skye


The finals are about to take place for round 5 we asked the queen of freestyle for her input as she sits on the beach next to John Skye.

"Yeah I think Taty has this, I'm routing for him, haha, of course. But I already thought Toselli was going to take it but he ended up in the losers final." - SQ

"No Albeau's got this, he's ready to win and fired up, just you watch" - Skye


"Yeah I made a good start at the pin end which really helped me, then my speed felt good and the wind is now strong and I'm ready for the next round."