Welcome to our behind the scenes coverage of the PWA freestyle in Fuerteventura. The wind is currently too light for competition so we are going to kick off with some predictions from the guys at the top. First up Rick Jendrusch runs us through the first round of the draw and who he thinks will pass.

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Round 1: Fabrizi and Hibdige

Round 2: Chambers and Sims

Round 3: Gavriel and Müller - It's a hard one to say in the second half of the heat, Balz and Hugo both rip.

Round 4: Meir and Böckler

Round 5: Matissek and De Windt

Round 6: Testa and Pluss

Round 7: Van Ingen and Lufenator

Round 8: Maybe Jendrusch and Caers

Heats to watch

1b, 3b, 5a, 6a and 6b. I think the whole of heat 6 will be a really good one to watch.

Predictions for top 3 in single elimination

1st - Steven van Broeckhoven

2nd - Kiri Thode

3rd - Gollito Estredo

Predictions of who might surprise

Adrien Bosson, Amado Vrieswijk and Anthony Ruenes

Who you think will make it the furthest from the first round

Marco Lufen, Jacopo Testa or Julien Mas