Stay tuned for the official video but in the meantime we've got a few of our top moments right here, of course as well as the results and words from the winners.

First up we have Sarah Quita Offringa, naturally.

She stole the show today, and unfortunately for the girls she always does. However, the line gets closer and closer event by event. It's no easy feat for her and to stay ahead she is constantly looking to the guys for inspiration to step up her game. She's clearly pushing ahead with pasko's and wants to be the first lady in the world to stomp one in competition, let's just say she is not far off. Anyway, after today's performance, with an outstanding heat, she won the double elimination ahead of Olya Raskina by a clear margin.

"I'm always really happy and today we had some little waves, which made things fun. Overall I’m pleased with my performance on the water and happy to win".


HOWEVER, and that's a very big however, Sarah Quita might just have her work cut out in the future, a few girls have their eyes set on her level of freestyle and let's just say none seem more motivated than this young 16 year old. She's got many moves both ways, she's surprising everyone at competitions and she's made a conscious decision not to post any videos for her competitors to watch, at least not recently. Is Maaike Huvermann the future of women's freestyle?


But stop right there, before we carried away with this Huvermann hype there is a young Scandinavian girl making her mark - Oda Johanne. She stormed her way on to the podium here in Fuerteventura. It's not a confirmed result quite yet as plans for a second single elimination are in progress for the last day, but she is laying down perhaps the biggest shaka's on tour, what's more, they are even bigger than many of the guys shaka's. Alongside that she has a bag of tricks up her sleeve ready to stop almost all the girls in their tracks. However, today she really impressed all with those shaka's and we can't wait to see more tomorrow.


Last but no means least, let's not rule out the humble Olya Raskina who battled her way into second place yesterday and managed to fend of the charge of Oda Johanne during the double elimination today. Olya has a host of wave sailing experience to back her up and clearly this was prominent as she stomped successive successful forwards one after throughout both days.

"Oh yeah I'm super happy with the result so far, obviously there is tomorrow still to go but it's so great to be in this place"

The question remains, who will fill the final spots of the podium tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out in what is becoming a very exciting showdown for the ladies.