On the 5th day of competition the winds yet again failed to provide suitable conditions for competition to take place, nonetheless, the now seemingly popular discipline of tow-in windsurfing took centre stage.

During practice and the qualifying rounds conditions seemed perfect for the freestyle fleet to 'get their pop on' as they bounced through impressive power moves, doubling and even tripling the combinations. It was to be Julien Mas who took the highest score in qualifying with a perfect air funnel into burner, meanwhile Adam Sims showed diversity with the highly technical double spock to secure a top 3 finish.

Filling the twelve spots for the afternoons super session final were:

Steven Van Broeckhoven

Amado Vrieswijk,

Max Matissek,

Adam Sims

Adrien Bosson

Youp Schmit

Ricardo Campello

Everon (Tonky) Frans

Julien Mas

Jose "Gollito" Estredo

Yentel Caers

Marco Lufen Windsurfing

As the early afternoon drew in so did the crowds and with three runs to count the competitors had a little weight off their shoulders to enable them to go for bigger moves. Standouts came from the likes of Julien Mas, Steven Van Broeckhoven, Adrien Bosson and Adam Sims. It was a close battle at the top with 3 very different moves, in third place Bosson landed a clean pasko directly in front of the beach, whilst second went to Van Broeckhoven (who has just returned from a long injury break) with a perfect and very high air funnel into burner. Taking the top spot was Sims who mixed technical ability with power to glide away from spock culo in his first run gaining him 29.5 points, only topping this with the same move but better executed in his second run scoring a 29.8 out of 30.