Yesterday saw the opening round of the first ever winch tow-in competition here in Sylt. The qualifications got off to a shaky start after the wrong fuel mixture was put into the machine, however this was soon forgotten as the riders were pulled at 60-70 km/h through the shore-break and, with a little luck, into an oncoming wave. Those that got lucky could boost high into huge power moves. After two successful rounds, it looked like everyone had a fair chance and tonights final will be made up of the following competitors.


1. Kiri Thode

2. Steven Van Broeckhoven

3. Gollito Estredo

4. Amado Vrieswijk

5. Tonky Frans

6. Max Rowe

7. Ricardo Campello

8. Rafael de Windt

9. Adrien Bosson

10. Taty Frans

Check out a highlights gallery below from some of the best action.