Jordy Vonk joins us this week for the 'Behind the Scenes' take on the PWA event in Turkmenistan. Read all the updates on this post as they are added and if you missed anything then you can scroll through the pages for a short summary on each day.

Be sure to tune in to the live stream by clicking here and you can check a short summary video of day 1 here.

Over to Jordy...



It was a long night of travelling to arrive here: Amsterdam > Istanbul > Asghabat > Turkmanbasi. I was happy to receive my bags straight away, lot’s of people were missing bags! In the end everything came.


Driving from the airport to the hotel was a pretty strange experience: lot’s of sand and big streets with no cars. It looked like nobody was around. Coming at the resort was a bit of a relieve, it’s looking awesome and has everything. I think pictures says enough.

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Day 1

We started the day with an opening ceremony included a visit from the president. This was a big happening, lot’s of security and protocols we needed to follow.


Later on we had a water show with all kinds of sports: wake boarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, flyboarding and more.


In the afternoon we had the first possibilities to race, but ended up in nothing. So not a lot of action on day 1, tomorrow we’ll have skippers meeting at 6:00 am, waking up early!


Day 2 - Light winds and close calls

What a long day, as the forecast was looking good for the morning the PWA decided to have a skippers meeting at 6am, in the end it was a bit windy and we were on the water by 06:30. The wind was super tricky, pretty gusty and also changing angle a bit. Sadly only 2 heats were done, other heats just started and got cancelled. If you ask me those two heats should have been cancelled as well, but I guess the organisation thought differently.


After we went back to the beach at 8 o’clock it was actually a strange feeling, still so early. I’m not really a morning person so I took a big sleep during lunch. As well some visits to the toilet, I was not feeling really well. But I’m not the only one with that problem, sadly a lot of guys have some problems with the stomach. We don’t know exactly what it is, hope we find out soon.


After a lot of hours waiting around 5 o’clock some wind kicked in and allowed us to do the other quarter finals. It was still on the limit, maybe even a bit across…. but well, we finished the quarters. I became 3rd in the 12 men heat and was happy to pass. I was out on the following kit (check it out on the next page):


F2 SX 82

Z-fins 47

Point-7 AC-1 9.3

28’’ harness lines and my boom in the middle.

I was feeling good about my speed and will try to make the final tomorrow, let’s hope some wind kicks in!

Jordy catches up with Julian Quentel for a few words:

"It’s good to start early as we need a result for this event. The sad thing about starting this early is that the day is super long. Like yesterday we started at 6am and finished at 7pm. I can motivate myself to make results, but they should not do this everyday, but some days it’s fine, especially when they put on some longer breaks during the day instead of 15 minutes announcements."

Day 3 - Impressive light wind racing

Again it was a 13 hour day in Turkmenistan, this time without any sailing in the morning. Like the day before the wind kicked in around 4/5 in the afternoon. This time is was enough to finish the semi’s and start the finals. I just missed out on a qualifying spot for the final, some sea grass made 3 people pass me so easy.. In the losers final I had some trouble as 8 people wanted to start at the boat and there was hardly any space for me left, it forced me to go and I went 0.5 second over early together with Enes Yilmazer…. really a shame, as the wind was gone 2 minutes after.


Also the winners final got cancelled, too bad as my fellow team mate Pascal Tosselli was rocking that final but after the 3rd mark nobody was planing any more. Let’s hope we can at least finish the elimination before the competition is over.