After a year of waiting the Red Bull Storm Chase could well be getting the green for go this weekend. What's more it's going to be happening right on their doorsteps. Ireland can be a mean place at this time of the year; blisteringly cold winds, deep monstrous swells and remote spots will certainly greet those top 10 selected windsurfers. The question is who will be in and who will be out. We wait in anticipation to hear more news as the Red Bull team continue to track the storm, which is appearing as an 'end-of-the-world' type black hole on forecast charts. This could very well be it, here is the latest from the RBSC Team themselves and the weather model that is causing a stir amongst extreme water-sports users world wide.

RBSC Facebook - "Forecast for Ireland has actually improved since yesterday! Probability for the first mission is getting better and better... Check MSW's post for a great forecast analysis. Keep an eye on for further updates, and your fingers crossed for this one to work out!"