Roberto Hofmann is probably the voice of windsurfing at the moment. He not only teaches hundreds of new and upcoming talents each year but he also finds himself commentating to hundreds of thousands each year as he hits the road with the PWA World Tour. However, of late, Roberto has also been hitting up the racing scene, read all about it in the press release from Starboard below.



"Windsurfing has determined my life since I was 15 years old. I grew up on one of the big Northern Italian Lakes (Lake Maggiore), and so I could improve my skills pretty fast. I moved to Sardinia after school with 18 years and started competing very early. I always loved the adrenaline while racing, but discovered that I was a competent teacher as well."

"A few years later I opened my own windsurfing school on lake Maggiore, and started working with big windsurfing brands, because of my communication skills. Somewhere in 2000 I realized that almost every windsurfer needs some advice to improve their windsurfing faster. Normally people only have a few weeks a year for windsurfing, so I started to organize some clinics and classes in Italy so people could improve faster with the little time they had."

"I just want to point out, that not every good windsurfer is good in teaching. I have the big advantage that I speak four languages perfectly and so I can teach almost anything to anybody. Whether I bring people to Egypt, Morocco, Cabo Verde or the Canaries, there's a solid base to fall back on, plus I also do clinics in Italy:"

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