Maciek Rutkowski has just released his new clip. Seemingly stuck flightless, unable to launch into the sky as high as the others he brings forwards the troubles of a modern day windsurfer trying to push to the top of the PWA. We have to say, whatever he feels and whatever the results it seems the edits are always ticking the right boxes. Over to Maciek for a few words and check out a short gallery over the next few pages.

"I can't jump. Really, I can't. I've tried. Over and over again. Went full speed, sheeted in as hard as I could, used huge sails, basically did everything by the book and still couldn't go as high as the boyz do. OK, I'm heavy. But so is Philip, so is Kenneth and a few others. Maybe I'm just born flightless? Like an ostrich or something. Haha. Or maybe I'm just destined to stay on the face of the wave, put as much of the rail of the board in the water as possible, throw some spray, hit the lip, get washed, go to the rocks, hurt my hobbit feet, step on seaurchins, grab my all-dinged-up board and my all-scratched-up sail, walk back up the beach and try again? Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that I enjoyed putting this video together eventhough everytime we filmed I sailed like a total kook. But it still might just be one of my best. You be the judge of that. Hopefully you enjoy it!"

This video is dedicated to the late great Alberto Menegatti.

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