Severne sails have released this very cool clip of their new OverDrive R5 sail. Sean O'Brien gets chased around by a helicopter whilst a post-production edit pinpoints, Matrix style, exactly what the new features are of this sail. Continuing their high performance approach, Severne are capturing the eye of the public with each and every video produced, just the creative thinking we like here at Boardseeker.

An extract from the Severne website about the OverDrive R5

The OVERDRIVE R5 has been refined for improved performance on both RDM and SDM masts. Seam shaping has been reduced to increase skin tension, and then sleeve shaping has been increased to maintain the profile depth. Leech tension has been increased to allow the Reflex system to do more work. The overall result is a high performance racing sail, in a very user friendly package.

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