We caught up with Valentin Böckler after he sent us his latest video for a mini spot-guide on Soma Bay in Egypt. Perhaps this country isn't on everyone's must see destinations right now due to political reasons but we have been assured by many that it is business as usual at the popular windsurfing destinations. Read on and we will leave it with you to make up your own mind about the risks vs rewards...

Over to Valentin...


Soma Bay is a big bay in the south of Hurghada, next to Safaga. From the Airport in Hurghada it is only about 45 minutes drive to Soma Bay and you can jump straight on the water or get settled in the hotel. It's a relaxed environment with plenty of gear available at the local centres.

Conditions & kit

Most of time the wind is coming from north/north-east. For sure the best wind period is in summer time, but also in winter you can get 3-5 days per week with good wind, so don't be afraid to travel there in the 'low season'. In March/April, when I was there, I used my sails in the range of 4.2-4.8 pretty much all of the time, with 28" harness lines, my 90l board with 17cm MUF Fin. I trained for three weeks in the front of the Robinson Club Soma Bay - so I could practice in choppy conditions for events, but you can also go upwind to the speed bay or the kite house, where you find super nice flatwater conditions. The Robinson Club Soma Bay Water-sports centre is equipped with Naish sails and boards.

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