It seems a Caravan development project in Lancelin is looking more and more likely, the result of which will see the back beach and the environment flattened to make way for this complex. Whilst the locals are not against the development of such a complex, they are against having it so close to the beach.


"This group is NOT against a new caravan park it is just against smashing the dune and bush system down with a huge development footprint into the remanent bushland and sand dune system that still exists on and around the back beach.

You can still want another caravan park and help us ‪#‎saveourbackbeach‬.

This does NOT need to be a binary outcome and it does not have to be one or the other.

We can have a new caravan park we just want it to be a more appropriate size or moved at least 500 meters away from the coast."

Join the petition and have your say by heading over to their facebook page: