Steve Thorp is a man with one mission, to windsurf as much as he can, where he can. A true windsurfer by heart he literally hunts down every storm that hits the UK and scores the most epic sessions each year. We see updates from him frequently which act as a great reminder of how outstanding the UK is as a windsurfing destination and how lucky the UK windsurfers are to have such great spots. Well when this last one came in we had to hold fire, there was news of bigger, better images and words from multiple times UK surfing champions. The story that was to be told of this gear trashing, physically exhausting yet still super rewarding day wouldn't just suit a simple news post, so we put it as a feature. Here is a small preview below and HERE is the link to that very feature.

There is one hell of a story behind this photo, check the feature on our homepage

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However, the story has a longer twist, if the east coast action wasn't gnarly enough, Thorpy found himself heading west almost straight after, crossing the Irish sea and finding a nice cross-off down-the-line spot with mast high sets. It seems others wanted a piece of the storm chase action too. Here are a couple of preview photos, expect a feature from Thorpy going west soon. Who knows, maybe Scotland or Jersey is going off at the weekend and part three will follow that...

Jony Price joins the trip when Thorpy arrives west
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