Leon Jamaer's storm chase set up

How do you make a sail that survives the ultimate storm?

Boardseeker takes a closer look at the design and features of some of the sails used during the storm chase, to figure out just what makes them, almost, indestructible.

We previously took a close look at the Banzai, to figure out exactly why it was so storm proof, now we are doing the same with the NeilPryde Combat...

Scroll through below for all about the Combat:

[part title="Twin Seams"]


NeilPryde say: Twice the muscle and twice the endurance. Double stitching is now used on all critical seams on all sails allowing them to endure prolonged exposure to high loads and impacts.

Boardseeker say: Double stitching is a must, gone are the days of whole panels blowing out. This extra touch will allow you to push your sail that little bit further.

[part title="Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (ULTRA)"]

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (ULTRA)


Boardseeker say: Kevlar is commonly used in sails, but this new yarn proves to be even better... Sounds good to us.

[part title="ArmourWeb ULTRA Variable Density"]

ArmourWeb ULTRA Variable Density

Durable ULTRA yarns at +/- 40 degrees overlaid with variable density, high-tenacity polyester yarns allowing us to follow loads and reinforce the sail where it needs it most. (Combat, Atlas, TheFly, Wizard).

Boardseeker say: It does what it says on the tin, this is armour for your sail.