Swifty has now seen a specialist, they were unfortunately unable to operate today and it is likely that it will go ahead on Monday now. Boardseeker will of course keep you up to date.

We have learned that Swifty is in the best possible hands for his surgery though, Mark Davies of the London Foot and Ankle Centre. Apparently this guy is to surgery what Philip Koester is to windsurfing, now that's a claim and a half!

"When they x-rayed my foot in Chile all the doctors wanted to see it because this surgeon had done the operation and they wanted to see where the screws were etc. I guess it's like us wanting to see Philip do a double!"

The full story on Robby Swift's injury, from the man himself...

"I flew back to England today and have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow morning.

"I'm really gutted as I was more prepared this year than ever for Pozo. I really felt that I could be on the podium at the end of the event and was having so much fun sailing there last night.

"I did a 1 foot backloop and saw that I was going to crash so I tried to throw the gear away but my back foot got stuck in the strap and I fell down onto the sail with my other foot over the mast and all my body weight squashed my leg into the mast.

"Anyway, hopefully tomorrow they will give me my prognosis and I will let you know what they say. From the x rays in the Canaries looks like a cracked ankle bone and cracked tibia.

"All the best"


One of the PWA's top stars, Robby Swift will now not compete in Pozo as he has injured himself training in Pozo. Swift has said on facebook that he is fine and will journey back to the UK for surgery, the injury is a broken leg and ankle, it looks like in three places from a one footed back loop gone wrong. For now, we all wish Swifty a very speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the tour where he belongs very soon.

Add to this the fact that Phil Horrocks and Ross Williams will now not compete (due to fatherhood and formula racing) the Brits are quickly losing their star players. Time for the likes of Proffitt, Lewis, Skye and Hancock to step up to the plate!

Robby Swift. Image credit Si Crowther.