The Northsails team showed their colours over the weekend by taking the top spots at the Culoperro Classic in both the slalom and the wave discipline. We caught up with event winner in the waves, Emi Galindo.

"The event for me was a great unexpected success. Side-on starboard tack is not my best conditions but we had three days of training at the spot before the competition. The first day I won the single elimination, counting one jump and two rides. Solid conditions for my Quad 81 and changing between 3.7 - 4.7. My riding was definitely the highlight for me which helped me pass through my heats, thanks to the 3 month stay on Maui this winter.

On the second day the waves were bigger, in the semifinals of the double elimination, the head judge changed to two jumps and two surfs, I was a bit scared because I have no idea about starboard tack jumping! In the first final I took two decent waves but I got stuck going for a big Backloop, crashing all the time. Ramón Pastor got the win nailing some jumps and impressive rides!

The second final went like a dream for me, the wind increased to 4.2 full power and in one of the firsts runs I found a good ramp near the shore and launched into a huge backloop in front of the judges. I then got planning again and another ramp jacked up to give me a nice stalled forward! So I had almost all the heat for focus the waveriding. The waves came in for a lot of turns and aerials, so I was feeling pretty confident the rest of the heat."

Check out the gallery below and the top results below that. Congratulations to Emi and all the winners.


1 - Pablo Ania (North / Fanatic)

2 - Fran Perez (North / Fanatic)

3 - Francisco Casas (Royal / Eolo)

4 - Fernando Martinez del Cerro (North / Fanatic)


1 - Emilio Galindo (North / Fanatic)

2 - Ramon Pastor (Gaastra / Tabou)

3 - Fran Perez (North / Fanatic)