Until now PWA Tenerife wasn't confirmed, but now we can announce that it is! The event had been on the calendar but not 100% confirmed, however after a lot of meetings and hard decisions the event will now take place with a reduced prize money for both fleets.

2012 action in Tenerife. but should the event be going ahead this year?

Without a result in Pozo the pressure was on for the Tenerife event to happen, it was taken to a vote and the sailors decided that the event should go ahead for both the men and women. There will be 25000 Euro for men and 5000 Euro for women, 10000 less for each fleet than previously.

But what do you think? Should an event run with reduced prize money? Does this lower the professionalism of an event? There was an option to run the event for men only or women only, would either of these been a better outcome?

PWA rider Thomas Traversa has taken to facebook to share his views...

"Tenerife PWA Wave event is finally confirmed ! Prize money went down from 35000 to 25000 € for us guys, and from 15000 to 5000 € for the girls.

"Now the question is : if your sponsors don't give you enough money to live even when you are inside the top10, and if at the same time finishing top10 on a PWA event doesn't even cover your costs for this event ( for an european guy like me, so imagine how it is for someone coming from another continent ! ), how can the PWA be called "professional" windsurfers association ?

"I am not complaining, I am just asking. I am still very very grateful to people like Daniel Bruch, Iballa&Daida, Robert Sand to fight hard to organise us some events, I am not talking about that...

"No wonder if there are no new kids on tour ( except the ones who live on canaries and just have to walk to go to a World Cup event )

"Maybe the solution for us is to make Pizzas on the beach during the event, people always say that Pizzas are a good business.

"PWA : Pizza Windsurfing Association. We don't even have to change the logo

"p.s: this was obviously decided during a meeting where i didn't go, so it is my mistake and I am not blaming anyone."

What do you think?