If you missed the action on the live stream yesterday you simply HAVE to check out this video, from day four of the action in Tenerife. The double elimination saw Ricardo Campello and Leon Jamaer absolutely cleaning up, making it through three and four heats respectively. And these weren't just any heats, they were full power 3.7m windy with some solid logo high bombs coming through, with the likes of Brawzinho and Dany Bruch giving it everything, but still not managing to beat the two on form sailors.

Jamaer was finally stopped by Brawzinho, who in turn was halted by Campello with a heat winning jump in the last few seconds.

Next up Campello takes on Traversa, how will he do against the flying frenchman? Check the live stream on the Boardseeker homepage for all the action!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eDJQAYY7jc