The PWA World Tour is officially on for 2014. Kicking off today the tour will start in Costa Brava for the first round of the slalom, not long after the freestylers will begin in Bonaire before a few days break until the first ever slalom stop in Türkmenîstan, then it's the turn of the wave heads who will kick off with a stunning trick-fest in Pozo on the 14th July.

CB13_sl_Race Start

Do you want to see the level of the wave guys right now? Then check out our features over the last two weeks with Brawzinho and Robby Swift, where you can see a plethora of huge moves as well as an insane video featuring Robby landing every 'gawd-dang' trick in the book.

First up, Costa Brava has begun and we will be supplying as many updates as we can right here on, so stay tuned.

To give a taste of the action you can check a little highlights gallery from last year over on the next page.