Let's kick Friday off with a bang. We jump on-board with Alonso for a stomach-churning high-flying POV clip in the heart of Pozo.

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Our next video comes from the Hexagon crew who created some great clips of the PWA freestyle event in France. A little different, this clip shows you what it is like to work behind the scenes as an action sports videographer. Interested in making your own clip? Then be sure to watch this below but also check out our recent feature with Markus Rydberg on How To Make An Action Sports Video.

And to wrap up this morning, go check out this cool feature by the PWA on who the top 25 most followed windsurfing professionals are. Based on their Facebook followers, this gives us an insight into how useful and important social media has and is still becoming. Click here to see more and stay tuned for our own feature on this soon.

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