Back to another Monday and we have a stack of videos that have built up over the weekend once again. Let's kick off with this edit from Alex Vargas who says Pacasmayo rules!

Heading over to facebook and here is a little tease about an up coming movies from Valentin Böckler. Featuring himself alongside Adi Beholz, Mathias Genkel and Swiss styler Jeremy Pluss the edit is sure to show some epic action.

Screeny TEASERStay tuned for more... "Screeny" feat. Jeremy Plüss SUI 500, Adi Beholz, Mathias Genkel & me ;)

Posted by Valentin Böckler on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Talking of Suistyle it turns out Steven Van Broeckhoven is well and truly back on the water. After hooking up with Balz Müller and his brothers at Balz's homepsot in Switzerland it looks like he was never even injured...

... and talking more of Steven, did you see the radness of this new clip yet?

And before we go, Gollito has a new video in the making. Which includes both of the screengrabs below, how high is that kono off something that shouldn't even be classed as a wave? Follow more here.