We kick off today with news from the National Watersports Festival in the UK. Despite light winds causing a few difficulties with racing, the windsurfing side saw plenty of fun and games for all the family during this weekends event down on the UK's South coast. Plenty of highlights came from the night tow-in windsurfing, which saw some spectacular crashes combined with plenty of great moves. There was also some great junior races and more SUPing then you can shake a paddle at (sorry, too early for that?). Check out our quick re-cap here for a gallery and a great video.

Back across the English Channel and one of our favourite videos that popped up in the last few days came from Antoine Martin who has had this clip produced.

Another great video sees the return of Steven Van Broeckhoven who caught up with Yentel Caers for some training after his recent injury. Injury? What injury? SVB is tearing it up!

Heading to Germany it looks like the freestylers there have been burying themselves deep in bush.. (too early again?). Also featured is Jeremy Pluss, who now lives in Berlin with his band, The Pitchers.

Back towards Switzerland and Balz Müller has released another webclip, what is staggering about all his videos is that each one seems to contain some totally new move or new variation of a move that we have never seen before. This one sees some kind of no handed lollypop reverse. As well as some pretty awesome no handed grubbys.

To wrap up, if you wanted to relive the PWA World Tour wave tow-in event in Siam Park then go grab yourself several snacks and plug in your headphones as the full unedited recording has been uploaded.