A quiet weekend before we head into the next PWA slalom event in Costa Brava. With a high chance of wind, especially to wards the end of the competition window, we flash back to last year for a quick reminder of what conditions this place can promise us.

Sticking with events and the official after-movie of the ONKWave - Aloha Wave Classic 2015 has been released over the weekend. Held on 31st May at Wijk, the event had suitable conditions to run a wave competition and perhaps the most surprised competitor was Arrianne Aukes, who showed up at the beach after hearing about the competition at 3am that very morning, and then she went on to win.

Mens Results

1. Martin ten Hoeve

2. Matthijs van Dijk

3. Colin Ansinh

Ladies Results

1. Arrianne Aukes

2. Eva Oude Ophuis

3. Josine Schmitz

Last thing for this morning, did you check out our App review? We tried and tested the Windpush App through Europe over the last six weeks and spoke with the app creators to find out more. Read the full review by clicking on the image below.

WindPush banner

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Cover photo: JePe