It seems that there is a bit of a road-tripping theme today. If you missed the featured video on our home page then here is an opportunity to check it out.

Following Ben Proffitt and Adam Lewis, Alfie Hart jumped on board en-route and has been filming the guys all along the way. This is a small taste or what life is like for the those who take up the professional windsurfing route.

The next road-trip comes from Markus Rydberg and Gustav Haggstrom, who ventured a little further from home than usual to be rewarded with excellent conditions and some great action.

The final road-trip sees us jump on board with Thomas Traversa. It's actually a re-share from nearly two years ago, but what it does show is the conditions we could be getting at the next PWA wave event in Crozon, and because of that we don't mind pimping it again, oh and this guy totally rips.

Our last video is with from the EFPT event in Brouwersdam. It's been another light wind event so far but thanks to the development of tow-in we've had plenty of action and as a result this clip just dropped this morning. Click on the image below to check it out.