Let's kick off with Pozo. Still the media continues to flow for this event and we haven't even reached it yet. Forecasts are predicting strong winds and decent waves for the first two days, with the first day promising the best conditions. Our fingers are crossed that this holds true and we see some huge action.

So what's been going down, well this new move from Markus Rydberg is quite the talking point at the moment. What do you think of this crazy flat spin like move, let us know in the comments below.

One person that has been going crazy about it is Ben Proffitt who has released part 5 of the training diaries and it's absolutely epic. The moves are off the scale, the chat is rocking and we've even got a bit of Koster in there... Just watch it.

Our last update from Pozo comes in the form of this micro teaser from the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves event that is soon to take place.

From Pozo to Lanzarote and Tonky Frans secured the win in the single elimination today. We've produced our very own video highlights of the final against Antony Ruenes plus a huge gallery of action which you can check out by clicking on the image below.


Our last post comes from Deivis Paternina who has produced this awesome web clip where he is totally ripping at home.

Until tomorrow peeps...