Remember our mini-feature with the heroes of Le Defi? Well theose crazy tandem windsurfers finally released a video and it is brilliant. Check out introductions from the likes of Antoine Albeau and more, although be sure your french is up to scratch, otherwise just enjoy the epic shots of these two madmen who charge in 60 knots together.

A very french day to today, we now move disciplines but stay in the same area around Leucate as we are joined by Sam Esteve, the young and talented freestyler who is on a mission to take on the PWA World Tour. However, one small hurdle is in his way, finances. Sam is in search of sponsors, so here's our efforts at giving the young lad a push, if you know anyone, then this guys is shaping up to be quite the future star.

If you missed it yesterday then Rick Jendrusch, who came 4th at the frist stop of the European Freestyle Pro Tour this weekend, has taken over our instgram account for a week. He's updating all sorts of fun filled windsurfing related things from the web, so go check it and don't forget to follow us.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.03.44

That's it for this morning, join us later for more and if you make it out today, happy sailing. If not then don't forget to check us out on facebook where we are uploading all sorts of photos and short videos exclusive to our facebook page.