We kick off today with this warm-up clip from Norwegian freestyle queen Oda Johanne. Spending a couple of weeks in Fuerteventura before the PWA event, Oda shows that her level is ready to fight for those much desired podium spots.

Talking of warming up and the PWA wave sailors are migrating from Gran Canaria...

New edit on the way ! Goya Windsurfing Pirelli MFC Hawaii 32

Posted by Marcilio Browne on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

...to Tenerife for the next stage of the PWA Wave World Tour. Home to the TWS Centre, you can join the pros on the water if you fancy booking a last minute flight. If so then you will be able to try out a vast collection of the latest boards and sails, including the new North Hybrid Hero. Just check out the video below.

Lastly, we find ourselves circulating back to Fuerteventura with this Kuma Movie clip of the guys and girls in training there. A small behind the scenes at how the level is and how tricky conditions are.

Until tomorrow...

Cover shot - Tom Brendt