Kicking off today we have the Swedish freestyler Jesper Norman tearing it up at home.

Moving on to warmer climes and Tristan Algret shows off the pristine waters of Guadeloupe.

Back to Europe and down to some raw Atlantic swell action, Jean-Matt Rider takes us on a tour of Portugal.

Lastly we llok at the Trailer for Wind Vision: The Monty Spindler story.

Words from the creators: "From working with the original windsurfing pioneers, to topping recent podiums, Monty Spindler is one of windsurfing's most understated characters and the 'biggest untold story in the sport'. A true craftsman, Monty lives and breathes windsurfing. With his Loftsails brand born in Tarifa's winds, his 'Wind Vision' approach to design represents a genuine love for wind and water. Coming this November is the full story of Monty's life and work with the wind - and how that passion shines through in each and every Loftsails product."

Join us again tomorrow for plenty more from the world of windsurfing...