Plenty to get through this morning from the fun-filled world of windsurfing. Let's kick off with Ben Proffitt. A very busy man who currently finds himself with a small amount of time at home before the next events kick off. During that time he caught up with Alfie Hart to produce this super nice feature - An Idiots Guide to Speedsailing.

Something he would always approve of is getting to the beach quick when conditions are firing, but is this a little too quick?

Now onto a video that's totally setting the the social media world alight. This clip of Boujmaa Guilloul, who is clearly totally at home in the air on starboard tack. From Maui to Moulay, Bouj proves why he is still one of the best in the world. This is just gnarly!


Sticking with freestyle and the German Freestyle Battle crew are keeping busy. Their second stop came soon after their first stop and the video is already out. A strong performance from the Sailloft team by the looks of it.

Talking of Sailloft riders, Adam Sims just released a wild edit from Fuerte 2013. Slightly outdated, this clip never actually made it onto the world wide interweb, so it's a fresh oldy and purely for his facebook followers.

To round of the disciplines we've got some long distance racing for you. In fact it's related to Le Defi Wind. The crew have announced that they will be running a Tahiti version. Defi Wind Tahaiti is set to take place between the 17th and 21st July in the perfect clears waters of the windsurf lagoon. With the likes of this years Defi wind winner, Pierre Mortefon confirming his place, this could be another spectacular event. Find out more here.