Short and sharp today. Ricardo Campello has informed us of a new video clip he has made. with a slight twist that you need to pay $1 to watch it. Well we took a look for ourselves and we have to say that it is certainly worth that small donation.


Well yes, as 50% of the proceeds are going towards Venezuelan charities which actively work to get kids off the streets and away from crime by taking them windsurfing.

So what are the three charities?

Fundación Niños A Toda Vela, Adicora Northshore and EL yaque Extremo Windsurfing are the exact names.

Do we think this kind of thing is a good idea?

Totally, it's been a long time coming but I think we can all agree that a small investment here or there to watch an online windsurfing video that is of high quality is well worth it. Now when 50% of that investment will be going to charity then it becomes even more worth it.

So click on the video below and follow the appropriate links.

The Monkey Show Gran Canaria 2015 - Ricardo Campello ( windsurfing ) from Ricardo Campello on Vimeo.

The next video from the day is also a pretty wild one. Ever heard of the OceanJump contest? Well you have now.


Last but by no means least. The EFPT kicked off in Lanzarote today. If you haven't seen our condensed report and round up of the days action and media then check it out by clicking on the image below.