A Peruvian theme today, our first clip comes from Morgan Noireaux who had some fun in and araound Pacasmayo during the AWT event they had down there.

This also gives us the perfect opportunity to post the official event video produced by Kevin Pritchard. Some great scenes, a ton of enthusiasm and rides the seem to never end is what awaits those who click that small triangle below.

To wrap up this morning here is a video from a spot we reported on some time ago - the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Having ventured up there a few months back, Yarden Meir and his crew took a GoPro to the water and produced this short clip. He tells us that it is 4.5m weather every day throughout the summer months and no one on the water...

That's it for today, join us again tomorrow for more but before you go, here is a link to Levi Siver's new trailer featuring the man himself and Marcilio Browne in Oregon. Through My Eyes is the series and episode 2 is the video we are awaiting, be sure to head back here soon to check it out.