Two big names, one destination and a whole load of action. Brawzinho and Swifty have been hanging out in Chile together and throwing down crazy moves like it's childs-play.

First up Brawzinho in action...

Little video update of what has been going on here in Chile. Having so much fun here, almost time to go home . ----------- Video do que tem rolado aqui no Chile, quase na hora de voltar pro Hawaii . Goya Windsurfing Pirelli MFC HawaiiMUSIC : STELLAR WALTZ BY CASPSHEN

Posted by Marcilio Browne on Friday, 18 December 2015

Secondly, Robby Swift. Wait for those tweaked push forwards...

Robby Swift Windsurfing Chile

A couple of fun jumps from our session earlier! Good wind on 4.2 Combat and the 83 Radical Quad and some decent waves :) going down for some more now! NEILPRYDE WINDSURFING JP AUSTRALIA Mystic Maui Ultra Fins Gloryfy unbreakable Hammer Nutrition

Posted by Robby Swift on Friday, 18 December 2015