Today we start up with one of the most accomplished windsurfers in recent years - Gollito Estredo. Five times freestyle World Champion and one of the most dynamic, innovative and progressive windsurfers that has ever hit the scene. Recently starring in Andre Paskowski's productions, which included the Xdance Festival nominated film Rewarded, Gollito is sat in the hot seat once again, this time at the international dealers meeting that took place in Mauritius. Here is what he had to say, including a few action shots.

No doubt many of you have been musing over the idea of dubstep and racing, well muse no further as day 5 of the King's Cup in Thailand brings us some hot action, check out the webisode below.

Heading a little further north, Europe is now settling into a solid state of winter. For some this is a great opportunity to fix those well used sails and boards, shift some windsurfing kit or hit the slopes, however it is not all doom and gloom. If you can't find a wetsuit warm enough for your needs then perhaps this will help suppress those windsurfing urges. The TurfDog is back in town. Actually it never really went anywhere but now is really a great time to order one in time for Christmas. If you want to find out more then head over to where they've recently published an interview with Mike Archer about the new shapes and designs. Below is also a clip featuring the TurfDog in action.

The last clip for this morning comes from Bastian Rama who features in his latest short clip whilst sailing around his homespots.

Our final bit of news this morning comes from the SWA who announce a great partnership with Patrik Diethelm and Sailloft to offer a host of prizes for 2012/13 season, including a sweet video contest where you can grab yourself £200 in winnings. The video contest is open to all but must be filmed by a student or feature a student, so get your thinking caps on and get filming. There are a few rules to adhere to so check out the details here -