The transfer season has just begun and we've heard quite a few rumours already, we'll bring you all the latest as it happens but here is the first official news as Vincent Langer commits to Fanatic International.

Over to Fanatic...

We are happy to welcome a new talent to our International Windsurfing Team: Vincent Langer is the German Windsurf Champ 2014 and the Shooting Star in the German Windsurf scene! He also did very well in the Slalom Worlds and Funboard Racing Champs.


Vincent Langer: "The boards are performing very well and that´s most important when you do competitions. There´s also a pretty good mood within the team members, they are a real family. Another reason was product manager Daniel Aeberli as he´s a very good friend of mine and for sure has a lot of experience in what he´s doing."

Daniel Aeberli, Fanatic Product Manager: “Vincent is for sure one of the most talented riders in the Windsurfing scene. We know each other since quite some years already so I could follow his career. He is a great personality and very professional. I am really looking forward to test the new prototypes with him in Cape Town during the next weeks. We will definitely profit a lot from his knowledge in terms of product development."



Name: Vincent Langer

Birthday: 18.10.1986

Homespot/Homebase: Kiel/Heidkate

Discipline: Formula/Slalom

Boards: Falcon Formula/Falcom Slalom

Did you get a chance to try the boards and which


Until now I was not allowed to talk about it, however I was already involved in the Falcon Formula development in 2013. From the new models I have only tested the Falcon Slalom 111 – a great board!

What are your best results?

- German Champion DWC 2014

- 3rd Slalom Worlds 2014

- Funboard Racing Champion 2014

What do you think of your new team mates Pierre Mortefon and Matteo Iachino?

Matteo is a good friend since a few years already. Pierre I don´t know so well, but for sure it will be cool to train with the number 3 in the PWA Slalom Ranking 2014.

Which events are you planning for 2015:

Mainly German events, for the moment 8 are planned. But I will also do some PWA events.

Check out Vincent´s profile here:


Pics by Klaas Voget