Hot press just in of a brand new online trick training platform. We've taken it for a test ride and it gets a massive thumbs up from us, read more about it below and be quick if you want a spin of the beta version yourself.

Have you ever wondered what’s the next step? How can I reach the next level in my windsurfing? What are some tips to get me there? Finally there are answers, and they can all be found at and in the new Tricktionary mobile apps. The new website and app brings you the most advanced online coaching platform for windsurfing ever - and is available now at


Created by Austrian pro-windsurfer and Tricktionary author Michael Rossmeier, Trickgenius allows users to input the maneuvers they can perform windsurfing and have TrickGenius suggest the next steps in various levels from “Fundamentals" which you can practice or learn quickly, “Improve" where you can move forward in your windsurfing step by step, or “Challenge" if you’re feeling ready to take risks and see how far you can push yourself.

Don’t worry if you are not working on pro-level moves, as in TrickGenius, just as in the Tricktionary itself, absolutely everything is covered. Whether you’re learning to windsurf, improving, or training, the TrickGenius has you covered to progress quickly: step by step professional instruction is available for every step of the way. Being online TrickGenius is not limited by time or space, so every move is covered in as much detail as necessary, and accessible to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

A soon to be added feature of TrickGenius is personal video coaching; bringing windsurfing clinics, coaching and camps directly to YOU. Upload clips and photos of the move you are working on and a Tricktionary certified instructor will go through your move pointing out personalized tips and giving you customized feedback so you can progress faster than ever before.

Sign up at right now and you might even luck in on a free BETA testing trial period.

For the lovers of the now famous Tricktionary book, not to worry, as it is currently being re-vamped to include nearly 500 pages of the most advanced and expanded windsurf instruction ever. The Tricktionary 3 will include improved beginner, sail ducking freestyle and wave sections, new tips for all moves, and of course a whole collection of new windsurfing tricks. It will be available for pre-order in late 2015, just in time for Christmas, and copies will be shipped in March/April 2016.

So if windsurfing is your religion, Tricktionary is your bible.