An all new wind meter for iOS or Android smartphones. Produced by A Danish group of entrepreneurs, The Vaavud wind meter is made of high performing plastics and has no electronic parts, the component that makes it work is simply two magnets, read on to find out more.

The Danish entrepreneurs Andreas, Maria and Thomas have built a reliable wind measurement system for iPhone, iPad and all smartphones running on Android. The device has a wind range of 1 m/s up to 25 m/s, and has been tested and calibrated in a professional wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark.

The plug-in device is easy-to-use and uses the smartphone's headphone jack. As the wind speed picks up, the Vaavud starts to spin and then data is transmitted to the smartphone.

"The secret is two small magnets in the rotor. The magnetic field sensor in the phone can detect when they rotate, and by using algorithms normally used for sound processing, the rotations can be converted to wind speed".

"Complicated engineering, made user-friendly and simple. In fact, nobody has utilized the smartphone magnetometer in this way before", explain Andreas, Maria and Thomas.

We apologies if we have offended any core windsurfers in the making of this news article but we believe the benefits reach to our beloved sport also - Many thanks, BS News Team.