This is purely for our speed fans, some may have seen this already but for those who haven't or those who want a bit of motivation for the weekend then this tells a story that we are sure will touch the heart of most speedsters.

Words from the Michel Mijer:

"What drives a man to invest so much time, money and energy in 10 seconds of euphoria or disappointment? The misunderstood battle with the elements, the internal struggle, the battle with others, 10 seconds ... is the story of the man behind the speedsurfer.

At least thats the idea but making the movie besides a daytime job seemed to much. Working out ideas, shooting, editing, find suitable music it consumed so much time and energy that I couldn't windsurf myself anymore. So I stopped but this is what I have and it deserved its place on the internet for all the guys participating in the movie. Shot on location in January and February at Strand Horst. Riders are Martin van Meurs, Sander van Huizen, Barry van Lingen en John Overmeer and others."