One of the biggest windsurfing events of the year the DEFI Wind already holds the title for the most windsurfers on the water at one time and with not much change to previous years the event that took place this last weekend also saw a huge number, 805 participants to be exact. The forecast offered perfect conditions with 30-40 knots cross shore throughout most of the weekend. This allowed the organisers to complete 5 races in total and there was even a tow-in freestyle show during the evening, as well as live bands and plenty of atmosphere the competitors really had a great time.

On the racing side Andrea Cucchi (head of Point-7) very nearly stole the show with a tight lead after the fourth race, he needed one last good result to ensure the victory. This would have made it a great week for him as his team rider Alberto Mengatti took the title at the first PWA Slalom event of the year. However, hot on his heels was Frenchman, Patrice Belbeoch who took the top spot in the final race and with Cucchi coming in fourth this meant that Belbeoch took the title of the 2013 Defi Wind. Other famous names on the start line included the likes of Different Sunglasses's very own Tine Slabe who rocked home in 6th place, Steven Van Broeckhoven who finished in a very respectable 16th and Philip Koester, who admitted to one or two mistakes, but still managed to finish in 28th.

To see the full results check out this link - Full Results

For video action of the event, take a look at these two quality cuts that have already been released.

Main event video

Freestyle video