BARzerktoune" is a movie of a windsurfing trip made by a few riders: Pierre Garambois & Baptiste Mure, both members off "La BAR" Team, together with Denis Squiratti & Fred Annette (not in the video). All the scenes are taken in Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco, and some places around.

"We went there 2 weeks in September 2012. We caught some nice conditions with wind half of the days, and waves almost every day. The wind is a bit less powerful during that period (between 10 & 20 knots "only") but the waves are bigger and cleaner. We had some amazing moment with all the locals, and spent good time at Abderazq Labdi's house, and we'll definitely come back next year for some more actions and lifestyle!"

Produced & Edited by Pierre Garambois