With the Bonifacio Freestyle Project complete all that is left is to watch the action fro the event. Quite a lot has taken place this weekend in the world of windsurfing so the fact that this video stands out proves to us that it is well worth watching. Take a few minutes to enjoy this fun filled clip by Andraz Zan.

Words from Zan:

The 4th edition of Bonifacio Freestyle Project... A beautiful place called Piantarella... Adrien Bosson, Nico Akgazciyan, Julien Mas, Antoine Albert, Romain Pinocheau and Antony Ruenes for team France and Maarten Van Ochten, Ruben Petrieise, Maarten, Steven Van Broeckhoven and Dieter Van Der Eyken for team world. All the riders showed really really good skills in Light wind freestyle, SUP competition, Tow In and freestyle windsurfing. We had great weather and perfect conditions for all the "disciplines". We received unbelievable hospitality from Cristelle Baud and all the locals who work and live there. The place is amazing and the nature is amazing... Check out what it means to have a good time and show a lot of action!

Bonifacio Freestyle Project '13


Thanks to Cristelle Baud, Thomas Traversa and everybody who made this cool event happen!