Having been under way for two days already the first media is making its way to our screens from this French organised event. Here is a little more about what it is all about from the organisers themselves.

'I write to you from Bonifacio, Corsica where the event takes place, now the 4th edition of the "Bonifacio Freestyle Project" co-organized by Thomas Traversa. We have had a great day of wind on the first day and already started a Tow-In single elimination to produce some more action shots, plus lifestyle in the upcoming days. The game is again different this year as it's about freestyle battles between 2 teams, team "World" (Van Broeckhoven, Van der Eyken, Van Ochten, Petrisie) vs team "France" (Ruenes, Akgazciyan, Bosson, Mas, Pinocheau, Albert).

The goal is still the same: produce great images, videos, promote the sport, freestyle, the riders as well as the destination.'