Last weekend saw the completion of the Carro Wave Classic. An on forecast wave event held in France the organisers were waiting for the most extreme conditions, well it looks like the waiting game wasn't for too long. Check out the action in the video by the masterful Sophia Regerbis and read all about it in the official event report below.

Last weekend (16/17th March) the spot of Carro in the South of France was the place to be to watch some seriously heavy windsurfing.

All-in Sport Beach Company launched a new concept of windsurfing event on the 1st March which was to include a two month waiting period for a one weekend competition in the hope that it will attract the maximum number of riders. Having attempted to make it happen last October until December, the All-in Sport Beach Company unfortunately lucked out with the conditions, well last weekend was the one!

Almost 90 Competitors showed up including the likes of Thomas Traversa, Julien Taboulet, Jules Denel and even Peter Volwater from the Netherlands. To read more hit the link below:

The final report

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