Known for his presence within the UK wave windsurfing scene Chris 'Muzza' Murray has kept within the top 10 for years years, with a 2nd overall in 2010. Well he has been in Cape Town for sometime now and produced a nice little video with one or two pushloops in. We caught up with Muzza for a few words:

"Cape Town this year was brilliant very windy I used my 4.0 more times than I can remember, I seemed to learn the push loop and was pretty much the only thing I got on camera, haha. Brilliant jumping conditions but only had two good swells, we had a great trip to patanoster where I was washed over the rocks because the wave was breaking very very close to them, as I looked down and saw the rocks my heart dropped I thought I was going to break everything and cut my feet open but as I waded through the rocky bone yard I had a squishy jelly covering the floor and rocks where covered in moss I bounced straight through with out a scratch on me or equipment, brilliant! Was a really great trip, you have to go if you haven't been and it is safer than ever now, it feels a lot more chilled on the getting mugged front, haha."