Jamie Drummond has signed up to the No Proof No Glory team and will be riding with Muvi Cameras on board from now on.

Here is what Jamie had to say: "I'm really stoked to be on with them as they do the works and shoot full HD in 1080p. They are much cheaper than some other cameras too and the outcome looks great"

We look forward to seeing future edits from Jamie as he tears it up on his travels this year. It also looks like Muvi is as stoked about the signing these riders too, check out their words:

"Say hello to our first 6 members of our latest team. With Muvi action cameras new to us at Watersports World we wanted to put a team together including athletes from many different boardsports.

We have Lew Cornwall, Lex Balladon and the Peacock Bros, Liam & Ryan, representing wakeboard, Ollie Moore for wakeskate and Jamie Drummond for windsurfing. Big things to come for 2013 from these guys and even bigger things to come from Muvi and No Proof No Glory!

Keep an eye out for more and more edits from our new team of athletes."

Here's the range:


And you can find out more on the Watersports World UK FB page: https://www.facebook.com/WATERSPORTSWORLD