This is just incredible! The result of four months of filming for a four minute clip with an outstanding windsurfer and probably one of the best video editors on the scene right now. Graham Ezzy hooked up with Kevin Pritchard to produce this clip, what's more Graham was gutted that not all the best moves were caught but realises how hard it is to capture the action, even with an 8x World Champion behind the lens. To us it looks like nothing has been missed, phenomenal recovery skills from deep within the pit or sliding backwards down a wave for 30m after some turn that sends spray so high it would put any deep powder snowboarder to shame. Graham shows that he is one of the best and most progressive windsurfers at Hookipa, starboard tack is his thing, so the question remains, will we see him entering any of the PWA events this year? Should he? let us know in the comments below.