It's Gostoso crazy today! This next video follows a large group of Italian stylers and rippers who also spent their winter in Gostoso. Obviously the place to be if you want to mix up the waves and the freestyle and there is no better way then to travel with all your friends.

"This is the story of three radical Italian riders, Gigi Madeddu, Matteo Spanu and Rossel Bertoldo, having fun in Sao Miguel do Gostoso in November with some good friends.

Sponsored by "The Secret spot" project by King Holydays agency, Whitereef, Arbeke, Windsurfing Club Sa Barra and Centro Surf Bracciano, our trip took us to a little village situated a hundred kms away from the airport of Natal. The spot offered us wind everyday, some good waves and nice lagoons.

The ten guys were hosted by the "Dr Wind" center of Paolo Migliorini, who decided to permanently live in this magic place.

Riders: Gigi Madeddu, Matteo Spanu, Rossel Bertoldo, Alessandro Congiu, Simone Pierini, Tonino Corazzi, Flavio "Poeta" Lissoni, Massimo Patteri, Andrea Calabrese and Corinne Bertoldo."

Edited by Simon Mazzamuto.