He's either got his compass confused or this is a clever play on words, Jean-Mat fled for the South this spring as the cold days just didn't let up, here is a really well shot video of his trip, be sure to check out the words below before watching the clip.

Words - Jean-Mat

Well, the title should have been "Going south", but you choose the name of your sponsors, don't you?! This is the very first video on my new Fanatic/North gear, and after 3 months of riding all over Europe I can say I'm really stocked with it.

As the spring is very cold here in SW France, my girlfriend Carole and I first took a plane to Fuerteventura and scored some pretty good surfing there. Then we decided to drive to Andalucia, and stayed there for two weeks. Such a good idea! 14 days of sailing out of 14, and some great conditions with levante and west swell.

In this short clip we put a sum up of these sessions. Unfortunately, there is no footage of our home spots in this video, let's say it was just too cold to keep filming on the beach!!

Anyway, at the moment, there is plenty of windsurfing action here on Oleron Island, so you can expect more footage soon.