Having posted a video about Jersey a couple months ago, it looks like more is coming to light as they score some of the best conditions they have had in years. All GoPro angles but it gives as a nice on-board perspective with some of the locals.

For those that don't know, Jersey is part of the United Kingdom but sits just off the coast of France. Picking up huge swells that roll in from the Atlantic it appears that these guys score a lot of sessions throughout the year. Interestingly it has never been a stop on the British Wavesailing Tour but perhaps the Channel Islands could be in contention soon as the tour grows year on year. A brief look back in to its windsurfing history does produce a small story on Ben Proffitt and the legend that is John Hibbard, who both once made the trip over for the annual LibJam event which saw a race between the two Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, some classic quotes to look back on here.

All the latest action below and there facebook page here - facebook.com/JerseyWindsurfing