French rider Jean Matt got in touch with us about a video he has produced and the reasons why he found the time to put it together.

After spending so much time on the water in the past years he was unfortunately affected with Surfer's Ear. Also known as Exostoses, Surfer's Ear affects quite a large number of the water sports population. Essentially it is the abnormal growth of bony bits within the ear canal, this can restrict hearing, trap water and cause repeated ear infections. Not ideal for people like us who need the much needed balance that our ears provide, so it's important to prevent it as much as possible, the suggested ways to do this are to do what you can to keep the ear warm and dry by wearing a hood and/or wear ear-plugs.

If you want to know a little more about it then check out this link (which includes a few graphic images and a video):

Back to topic and here are the exact words of Jean Matt:

" I'm a french rider from Oléron Island SW France. I've had exostosis of the ears for several years so I had to have surgery. During my recovery, my frustration led me to immerse myself in my gigabytes of footage from sessions of all kind. From summer light breeze on Oléron to large storms in Brittany, this is what my girlfriend Carole and I filmed last year. A year of windsurf, travel, friends, moments we shared in Portugal, Sardinia, Oléron, California.

In the end, it took me two days to derush. two days to remember all those great feelings, two days to smile alone behind my screen.

A lot of stuff in 2012, even more in 2013 ! I'll be back in the water on February 1st, it is already in two weeks, right?"