Norwegian female freestyle talent Oda Johanne continues her adventures around the globe, training a lot and enjoying everything that the lifestyle of a windsurfer can bring. The question is, does she plan to compete on the PWA tour or is she just in it for the love of the sport? We caught up with her for a few quick words.


"I have been here 6 weeks now, and I have a bit more than 2 weeks left. Bonaire has been great, sailed almost everyday (maybe 3 days with no wind). So I'm happy about my stay here so far, didn't really expect that good I guess I'm lucky! My plans now is first 2 weeks more here, then back to Norway. In May there will be a freestyle competition in Drøbak, in Norway. This will be my first competition ever, so I'm looking forward to that! And then the plan is to be in Fuerteventura in July for the PWA and in Holland in September."